Sports Fans, Don't Get TakenSt. Louis city officials are warning about professional panhandlers posing as local homeless
Carriage Horse Bites Off Tip of Woman's FingerSt. Louis health director Pam Walker says the woman was petting the horse on Friday night.
Hancock & Kelley: How Should We Deal With ISIS?President Obama will lay out his strategy for defeating ISIS militants in a speech on Wednesday. What is he likely to say? What should the response be? CBS News National Security Consultant Colonel Jeff McCausland joins us.
Hancock & Kelley - Thursday, July 17th - Pam Walker; Greg Streeter; Jeff Mittman; Jeff Aboussie; Joseph Miller; Harry Hamm
Health Director Issues Report on Horse Carriage CompaniesThe horse "Moose" may not return to the streets without undergoing another test
Mark Reardon: Katie Pavlich, Fox News Contributor & AuthorKatie Pavlich is a conservative commentator, Fox News contributor, and author of "Assault & Flattery: The Truth About the Left and Their War on Women."
St. Louis Health Director Pushes for Ban On Horse-Drawn CarriagesSaturday night, Pam Walker found a horse named Moose in severe respiratory distress.
Fireworks Injuries Add UpAt least 17 people treated in St. Louis over holiday weekend for burns and other injuries.
MERS Virus: How Worried Should We Be?CBS News Medical Contributor Dr. Holly Phillips says it's not something to worry about on the day-to-day.
City Health Department on Alert for MERS VirusWith the latest MERS case involving an Illinois man, the city health director says she wants to make sure if a case pops up here health officials can respond quickly to contain it.
Boy Severely Bitten by Dog in Wells-Goodfellow NeighborhoodHe was spared the additional pain of rabies shots when hot-spot officers patrolling the Wells-Goodfellow neighborhood helped track down the dog.
TIAM Weekend: A Move In The Missouri Learning Standards & Tomorrow's Deadline For ObamacareMath Teacher Cindy Roberts talks about a move in the Missouri Learning Standards & tomorrow's deadline to sign-up for Obamacare.

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