Gospel Singers, Pastors, Preachers Try to Bring Peace to FergusonIt wasn't all violence near the Ferguson QuikTrip on Wednesday. While the sun was still up, gospel singers invaded the street in front of the burned-out gas station.
Kevin Killeen's Whole 'nother Story -- Pastors and Porch Lights
Pastors Decry Speed Cameras, Want Them Removed From St. Louis CountyCall cameras a "money grab" that targets those who can least afford or fight tickets.
120 Missouri Pastors Sign Letter in Support of Akin"We know Todd Akin, we know his character, his moral beliefs, his social beliefs, his biblical stance, we know his stance on moral righteousness," said Reverend Davidson.
Pastors Protest Illinois Cut To Burials For PoorPastors United for Change said the program pays funeral homes and cemeteries when families on public aid can't afford the cost.

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