Pattonville Students Punished for Racist Bullying on BusThe district released a statement saying only the culprits are facing "disciplinary consequences."
ACKERMAN: St. Louis Is Still A Football TownFootball still brings generations together, even in the post-NFL city of St. Louis.
More Clown Threats Have Schools On AlertSeveral schools have been named in recent threats.
Pattonville Middle-Schooler Sets World Record for Largest AfroA Pattonville Middle School eighth-grader will be featured in the 2017 Guinness Book of World Records.
Landfill Fire Slowing, Closer to Radioactive WastePattonville Assistant Fire Chief says the fire is moving slower than it was three years ago, but it could pick back up again.
Bridgeton Landfill Sparking New WorriesNew worries today about the burning Bridgeton landfill, including where the fire is, and how much time it might take to build a firebreak trench to isolate the nuclear waste.
Pattonville Firefighter Issues Dire Warning on Nuclear Waste"It shouldn't be in this community at all to begin with, let alone having a fire 1,000 feet away from it," Matt LaVanchy says. "There is just that much more sense of urgency with this."
Heroin Deaths Double in St. Louis CountyLocal users are beginning around 17-years-old and are dying at about 25-years-old.
Hancock & Kelley - Monday, April 25th
Pattonville Teacher Accused of Videotaping Students34-year-old Matthew Johnson of south St. Louis County was charged today with second-degree invasion of privacy following his arrest yesterday.

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