Mayors' Group Pushes for Illinois Pension ReformMore than two dozen Illinois mayors are set to hold a news conference, hoping to encourage state lawmakers to make changes to pension systems for local police and fire departments.
Illinois Gov. Turns Up the Heat On Pension ReformIllinois Gov. Pat Quinn is turning up the heat in an attempt to speed up pension reform.
Illinois Senate Approves Scaled-Back Pension PlanSmall step taken in effort to fix $96 billion budget shortfall.
Lack of Pension Reform Affects All IllinoisansAs state pays more for pensions in 2013, there's less money for schools, police, and Medicaid.
Bond Rating Agency Warns Illinois Of Possible Rating CutThe agency says public pension reform is critical to Illinois' fiscal position.
State Pension Crisis Is Illinois' Top 2012 StoryBlagojevich to prison, Jesse Jackson Jr. resignation, also make the top-10.
Quinn Launches Website In Pensions CampaignPlans to utilize social media to promote solutions.
Illinois Comptroller Says Prison Sale Isn't EnoughThe state’s plan is to first pay off bonds used to pay to construct the prison. After that, the governor has said the state should focus on paying down some bills.
Illinois Republican Skeptical On Special Session “As much as I think it would be nice to say we’ve got an agreement on pension reform, I don’t think that realistically [is] going to happen," Tom Cross said
Gov. Quinn Calls Special Session on Pension ReformQuinn announced that legislators will convene Aug. 17.
Time Running Out On Ill. Pension ReformLegislative leaders will revisit the subject of pension reforms in five weeks.
Alderman Schmid Refuses to Let Rival Pension Cut Plan Out of His Committee

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