Limited Edition Pepsi Cans Celebrate Illinois BicentennialThey supposedly are making five million of them.
Pepsi Says It's Pulling Widely Mocked Ad``Pepsi was trying to project a global message of unity, peace and understanding,'' the company said Wednesday in a news release. ``Clearly we missed the mark, and we apologize.''
Re-Watch Super Bowl 50 CommercialsFrom Budweiser to Squarespace and even Pokémon, find the commercials you loved, hated, or just have to watch again, here.
Pepsi Franchise to Open Center in Cape Girardeau A Pepsi franchise is planning to build a new customer service center in Cape Girardeau that could create 74 jobs.
Worker Dies in Accident at St. Louis Pepsi Plant Police say Mensud DJelmo was trapped inside a packing machine.
Pepsi Response Expected in 'Mouse' LawsuitRonald Ball, a worker at Marathon Oil in Wood River is suing after allegedly finding a mouse in a can of Pepsi.
Pepsi Defends Mouse in Can Lawsuit: Says Mouse Would Be JellyIllinois resident Ronald Ball reportedly bought a Mountain Dew in a vending machine at work two years ago.

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