PETA Wants Dairy-Free Pizza In Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesThe animal rights group has asked the makers of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" to swap out the superheroes' favorite snack, pizza, for a vegan alternative.
Lawyers Agree To Stop Monkeying Around in Selfie LawsuitAttorneys representing a macaque monkey have agreed to a compromise in a case where they asserted the animal owned the copyright to selfie photos it had shot with a photographer's camera.
PETA Asks City to Post Warning Signs to Prevent Car DeathsMore than two dozen dogs and nearly 20 children have died in hot cars across the nation so far this year.
PETA: STL Officers Could Protect Public Health With Dairy-Free TreatsThe animal group says dairy-based treats are unhealthy, and "animals are not ours to eat."
Metro East Wildlife Show and Exhibit Under Fire from PETAWoody's Menagerie in Bond County Illinois responds
PETA Wants Punishment After Husker Player Kills RaccoonNational animal rights activists are pushing for the athletic director at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to discipline a football player who tried to take a selfie with a raccoon and then beat the animal to death after it bit him.
Protestors Target UniverSoul CircusActivists hand out coloring books on animal cruelty, while circus operator says not in my back yard.
Bear Cub Bites Students, Creates Rabies ConcernsWashU brought a petting zoo to campus to act as a stress reliever for finals week.
PETA Looks To Construct Memorial For Dead Turkeys Earlier this month a truck carrying over 500 turkeys overturned killing all the turkeys.
Kevin Killeen's Whole 'nother Story -- Circus Elephants and the Passerby
Ringling Bros Sidelines Elephant Suffering Foot Problem"You can tell, observing the way that she walks, that she's having major problems." said PETA's Matt Bruce.
PETA Offering $5,000 Reward for Information on Torched Dog It was late last week when Stray Rescue founder Randy Grim was made aware of the 3-year-old terrier-shepherd mix who was set ablaze.

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