Springfield Narrowly Approves Controversial Pit Bull BanThe ordinance approved Monday night will phase in the ban starting Jan. 1. Owners who register their pit bulls before then could keep the animals in the city.
Protesters Want Florissant to End Ban on Pit BullsProtester Donna Slemmer says pit bulls ``are no more dangerous than Chihuahuas ...''
Police Say North St. Louis County Man Died From Dog BiteThe family of Adonis Reddick, 45, did a well-being check and found him dead. Two dogs were in the home - one was euthanized, the other taken by animal control.
North County Man May Have Been Killed By Own DogPolice say an aggressively-behaving pit bull was euthanized following the discovery.
Free Spay, Neutering Services for City Pit Bulls, Pit MixesLow-income pit bull or pit mix owners can have their dogs spayed or neutered, vaccinated, tagged and micro-chipped for free.
Standoff in North St. Louis CountyPolice say when a county sheriff's deputy arrived in the 10400 block of Hobkirk to serve papers to a resident, the suspect sent two pit bulls after him.
Surveillance Photos Released in Connection to Halloween HomicidePolice have released the identity of the man shot and killed along with his two pit bulls last week.
Man and Dogs Shot to DeathSt. Louis police say it happened before sundown Friday in Dogtown neighborhood.
Man Receives Maximum Sentence in 2013 Animal Abuse CaseIn January 2013, the Humane Society of Missouri Animal Cruelty Task Force responded to a request from the St. Louis City Fire Department involving two adult pit bull dogs that were discovered near the scene of a house fire in north St. Louis City.
Pit Bulls Kill Again After Escaping Owner's Unfenced YardTwo pit bulls who previously escaped their owner’s unfenced yard and killed other pets has done it again.
Dead Pit Bulls Found Near Sikeston, Mo. Humane Society worker suspects animal cruelty, not traffic accidents.
Animal Abuse Laws: Tough Enough? "I certainly think there's room for examining the laws and the possible punishment..."

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