Hancock & Kelley - Monday, August 6thJohn & Michael talk with Bobak Ferdowsi of the Mars Science Lab about this morning's Mars Rover landing; with David Levinthal of Politico.com about political ads; with Joe Ortwerth and John Chasnoff about Missouri's Amendment 3 - the "right to pray" ballot measure.
Charlie Brennan - Monday, January 23rdCharlie talks with POLITICO.com Reporter James Hohmann about the results of the South Carolina primary, and with Financial Adviser Al Goldman about gold as an investment.
Charlie Brennan - Wednesday, January 4thMitt Romney wins by 8 votes in Iowa. Charlie talks with the political experts, including Political Pundit Bay Buchanan, "The Swing Vote" Author Linda Killian, CBS News Correspondent Barry Bagnato and other. Charlie also checks in with STL Cardinals Broadcaster Mike Shannon, Actress Kelly Stables and UMSL Professor Martin Rochester.
McCaskill Speaks About Ethics Complaint Against HerThe Missouri Senator says she is embarrassed.

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