Could 'The Rock' Be Our The Next President?After the past election anything is possible right? Even the 'The Rock' becoming president?
Missouri's 'Dump Trump' Leader Says Effort Is About Saving GOPCarl Bearden says rank-and-file need to take party back from elites.
Political Tone Concerns Education OfficialMissouri School Boards Association chief of staff says it goes against efforts to teach respect and tolerance.
Romney Tabs Ryan as GOP Running MateRomney commits to creating 12 million new jobs.
Romney Visits North County, Promises ProsperityPresidential hopeful Mitt Romney got big applause in North County when he said he would lower taxes, shrink government and repeal the Federal Health care mandate.
MO GOP Voting on Delegates Today24 of the state's 52 delegates will be selected today.
GOP Presidential Campaign Descends on IllinoisWhat was once expected to be a primary with no real consequences could matter after all.
Rick Santorum Plans "Major Address" Monday in St. Charles Co.Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum will deliver a "major address" at St. Charles Community College on Monday.

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