Missouri Meth Lab Busts Drop Drastically, But There's a Dark SideLab incidents way down, but imports and other drugs pick up the slack.
NPLEx Database Keeps Meth-Making 'Smurfs' at BayNPLEx can block purchases if buyer has exceeded amount within certain time limit.
Franklin County Meth Lab Busts Down, But It's Not All Good NewsAfter busting 163 meth labs a decade ago, Franklin County investigators are on a pace to bust fewer than 20 this year. But, the head of the county's Narcotics Enforcement Unit says that doesn't mean fewer people are using methamphetamine.
Franklin County Reporting Decrease in Meth Lab BustsFranklin County is one of the top meth-producing counties in the top meth-producing state in the nation, but that appears to be changing.
Renewed Push To Take Sudafed Off Store ShelvesAre lax laws making the city of St. Louis a meth-makers Mecca? A St. Louis Alderman thinks so
Meth Lab Seizures Down in 2012It was the second straight year of decline, but experts said it could just be a blip and it's too early to tell if there's a trend to explain the drop.
Anti-Smurfing Campaign To Be Unveiled in St. LouisMissouri Retailers Association President David Overfelt tells KMOX the campaign is designed to enlist the public in the fight.
St. Charles Rental Property May Soon Need Meth Inspections"Part of that inspection will be certainly examining to make sure there were no meth problems there," Faith said.
Mo. AG, Prosecutors Announce Anti-Smurfing Effort"Smurfing'' involves people buying cold and allergy medicines containing the pseudoephedrine and selling them to meth makers.
Mo. Bill Seeks Stricter Limit On Cold MedicineMissouri has passed increasingly stringent laws over the past decade in an effort to control medications that contain pseudoephedrine.
County Detective Blames Ordinances, New Techniques For Rise In MethIn 2010, there were 53 meth lab busts in St. Louis County; last year there were 60. However, this year the number has topped 100.
St. Louis Firm: Meth Can't Be Made From Its DecongestantKey is a new type of pseudoephedrine from which cannot be extracted.

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