Humane Society: Missouri Remains a Top Puppy Mill StateThe Humane Society of the United State has released it's Horrible Hundred list of worst puppy mill states in the U.S., and Missouri lands at the top, again.
Governor Quinn Signs Bill to Fight Puppy MillsLegislation was proposed by three suburban Chicago third graders.
Humane Society: Right to Farm Would Protect Puppy Mill OwnersState Senator Eric Schmitt disagrees, saying that it would protect farmers from PETA and similar organizations who want to banish beef.
Report: Missouri is Nation's Worst Puppy Mill StateDespite all its efforts in recent years, Missouri remains far-and-away the nation's worst puppy mill state.
Federal Crackdown Could Help Regulate Mo. Puppy MillsThe new crackdown will force these breeders to apply for federal licenses. Up until now, in Missouri repeat puppy mill offenders have bypassed receiving the federal license.
Is Mo Shedding Image as 'Puppy Mill Capitol"?Two years ago, images of matted and diseased dogs in tiny wire cages helped spur changes in Missouri law.
Koster Caught Using Puppy Mills for PoliticsTweet asked you to sign up to stop abusive breeding; form put you on campaign mailer instead
Missouri Puppy Mill Shut DownOne of the dogs is blind; several appeared to have eye problems and matted coats.
Missouri Dog Breeding Heats UpSeveral humane groups have voiced concerns that increased costs for the state licenses of animal shelters could cause financial problems for those facilities.
Undercover Report: 3,000 Missouri Puppies Exported To New York In 4 MonthsHSUS releases findings of hidden-camera investigation
Hundreds of Missouri Dog Breeders Rolling Over 30% of breeding kennels have left the business in face of new regulations
Humane Society Backs Missouri InitiativeThe initiative would make it harder for lawmakers to change voter-approved measures, such as last year's dog-breeding law.

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