Overnight America: Libya, Iran & MoreRalph Graczak is filling in for Jon and taking your calls on a number of topics, including a post-Moammar Gadhafi Libya, Iran's Qud forces, the GOP race, and more.
Overnight America: Occupy Wall Street, GOP Race & MoreJon Grayson is out of the studio but Ralph Graczak is at the Overnight America helm and taking your calls for five hours of politics, economics, and more.
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, October 4thCharlie talks with Moneywatch's Jill Schlesinger about the Wall Street protests in NY this past weekend...Prof. James Giglio discusses his new book, "Call Me Tom: The Life of Thomas F. Eagleton"...Charlie attempts to do an imitation of KMOX Host Ralph Graczak -- is he "spot on" -- you be the judge!
Overnight America: Politics, Baseball's Wild Night & MoreJon Grayson has the night off so Ralph Graczak is in the big chair and talking about a wide range of issues to kick off your Friday morning.
Overnight America: Unemployment, Approval Ratings & MoreRalph Graczak is sitting in the big seat for Friday's show in place of Jon for five hours of your calls and all the political discussion you can handle.
Overnight America: Debt Debate, GOP Primary & MoreRalph Graczak is sitting in for Jon Grayson on this Independence Day. The debt ceiling debates continue with little progress since last week. What would default mean for the U.S. economy and what compromises should be reached to placate both Republicans and Democrats?
Overnight America: Debt Ceiling, Minnesota Shutdown, Social SecurityAs we enter the month of July, Jon Grayson has the evening off and Ralph Graczak is sitting in at the helm of Overnight America.
Overnight America: Gas Prices, Debt Ceiling, AfghanistanRalph Graczak is filling in for Jon Grayson who has the evening off. Wary of a new surge in gas prices, the Obama administration said yesterday it is selling off 30 million barrels of oil from the country’s emergency reserves. Is this a sufficient tactic?