Missouri Gov. Nixon's Term Marked by Budget Cuts, Natural DisastersIn an interview with the Associated Press, Gov. Jay Nixon cites increased funding for education and mental health services and billions of spending cuts that have helped keep the budget in balance as tax revenues declined from a recession.
Hiring of Historical Significance at Wentzville GM PlantThis kind of success and expansion would have been almost impossible to envision just a few years ago during the depths of the recession, plant spokesman Darren Copeland says.
Expert: St. Louis Area Seeing Major Comeback in Housing IndustryIt's a success story years in the making, and one that some doubted would ever happen: the rejuvenation of the St. Louis housing industry.
Some Fear Auto Industry Returning To Bad HabitsAs the auto industry strives to sustain its post-recession comeback, car companies are resorting to tactics that some experts warn will lead to trouble down the road.
May Car Sales Return To Pre-Recession LevelsGood weather and a strong Memorial Day weekend helped car buyers ignore reports of recalls, pushing car and truck sales up more than ten percent in May.
U of Chicago Professor Casey Mulligan On 'Redistribution Recession'Today Mike Shannon joined Charlie for his weekly interview, Casey Mulligan talked about "The Redistribution Recession" and Bill Medley of The Righteous Brothers talked about his book "The Time of My Life: A Righteous Memoir."
Construction Industry Showing Signs of Recovery in St. LouisOne of the construction industry's leading experts say things are slowly turning around for manufacturing towns, like St. Louis, but still challenges cloud the picture.
Do St. Louisans Feel Financially Secure?The latest COUNTRY Financial Security Index® survey finds just 28 percent of people living in the St. Louis-area think the old, per-recession economy will return.
Opinion: Auto And Bank Bailouts Prove EffectiveOn Monday, the Treasury Department sold 553,846,153 shares in AIG on Monday, turning an $18 billion profit on the $32.50 a share price.
Slow Recovery for Illinois' Economy This is four months in a row that the index has shown economic growth.
Pease's Candy Production Moves to St. LouisThe recession, high gasoline prices and a series of increases to Illinois' minimum wage contributed to the move.
Motorists Here Brace for $4 a Gallon GasMany complain of no longer having disposable income

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