Mehlville School District Making Changes for 2017-2018The Mehlville School District is making big changes for the 2017 school year, opening the new Choice School of Innovation and moving district lines to help combat overcrowding.
St. Louis Congressional Candidate Asks Federal Court to Halt ElectionsPaul Berry III says the state's voting districts wrongly use race for their boundaries.
St. Louis Aldermen Grill Police Chief on Rising Murder RateWith murder up 58 percent this year in the city, St. Louis Police Chief Sam Dotson faced questions about whether his redistricting plan has spread officers too thin.
St. Louis Crime Down after Reduction of DistrictsIt has been just over one month since the Saint Louis Police Department reduced its number of police districts.
St. Louis Police Launch Redistricting PlanIt's official. The St. Louis Police Department implemented their redistricting plan early Monday morning changing nine police districts into six.
State Senator Jamilah Nasheed Moves, ResignsRedistricting last year forced Nasheed, D-St. Louis, to move from the 21st Ward to the 18th Ward.
Opinion: Billions Are Being Spent On This Election, But Will It Change Anything?For all the billions spent by the Obama and Romney campaigns, Republican and Democratic parties, and countless outside groups, we may wake up November 7th to a Washington that is virtually unchanged.
Opinion: Mess In TexasIn Texas Republicans have taken efforts to restrict access to voting a step farther. Texas Republicans are calling for the repeal of the Voting Rights Act.
Sen. Jane Cunningham Won't Seek Re-ElectionCunningham says she is open to running for office again or working in the private sector.
Clay To Carnahan: "Let's Get It On!"Democratic U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan of St. Louis filed to run in the newly redrawn 1st District, which could set up a primary against Democratic Rep. William Lacy Clay.
Missouri Supreme Court Weighs Political BoundariesHigh court focuses on population requirements.
Head-Count Key to Redistricting Court Battle State Supreme Court hears oral arguments on new district maps

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