If You Bought A PlayStation 3, You May Be Entitled To A $65 RefundOwners of the original "fat" PS3 have until April 15 to submit a claim with Sony that could be worth up to $65.
Taxpayers Can Officially Begin Filing Returns TodayYou can expect to get your refund in about four weeks if there are no errors on your return and you choose direct deposit.
McCaskill Calls for Accountability in VA Construction ProjectProblems with a multi-million dollar construction project at the Veterans Administration Medical Center at Jefferson Barracks now have a U.S. Senator calling for a refund.
$5.6 Million, 56,000 Refunds For Red Light Camera TicketsThe city of St. Louis is forced to refund red light camera tickets after the Missouri Supreme Court struck down the system.
Red-Light Safety Camera Ticket Refunds Approved by CourtRed light runners caught by safety cameras will soon receive a refund for tickets paid between February 11, 2014, and August 19, 2015.
Do You Get a Refund? St. Louis Pays Back Red-Light Camera TicketsThe city halted the red-light camera program and dismissed pending cases.
Regulators Say Ameren Missouri Owes Its Customers $26.3MAmeren Missouri won't be sending out checks. Instead, the refund will be applied by adjusting a fuel charge that customers otherwise would pay.
A Look At The Craziest Tax Write-OffsIt's hard to think there's anything funny about taxes when you're under a mountain of paperwork, but CBS News contributor and analyst Mellody Hobson has a little comic relief for taxpayers.
What To Do With Your Tax RefundMost tax filers are getting a refund after they file their 2012 return. With the average refund running about $3,000, a lot of people will be thinking about what to do with the extra cash.
Navigate Tricky Gift Return Policies After The HolidaysThe holiday season has arrived and with it the efforts to find the perfect gifts for loved ones. As the hunt for gifts gets going, so does the dread of returning the thoughtful presents that are just not the right fit. Follow these tips to get through the season of returns.
Ameren Missouri Ordered to Provide $17M Refund Ameren Missouri customers however won't be getting a check.

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