Turning Illinois Roadways Into Renewable Energy SourceWeeds along the side of highways in Illinois could soon be used to create energy.
Sierra Club Vows Fight vs Clean Air Rules Rollback"Today in Missouri and Illinois, wind is cheaper than coal," Hickey says. "So, despite what Trump is trying to do, the cow's already out of the barn."
Will Red Tape Hold Up Renewable Energy in Missouri?
Missouri House Approves Renewable Energy MeasureThe Missouri House voted Thursday to allow additional hydroelectric power to be used toward meeting the state's renewable energy requirement.
Appeals Court Upholds Missouri Renewable Energy RulesThe statute forces investor-owned utilities to use increasing amounts of renewable resources to produce electricity.
A Not Very Energy Efficient MissouriMissouri could save more than $6 billion and create around 8,500 local jobs if the state adopted new energy efficient policies.
Mo. Judge Pulls 180 on Renewable Energy LawHis previous ruling sided with energy providers challenging the law.

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