KMOX Profiles: Rex SinquefieldSelf-made billionaire Rex Sinquefield is the co-founder of the Show-Me Institute & known for writing big checks to causes he supports. Some hold him up as an example of what's wrong with modern politics. But is there another side to this story?
St. Louis Chess Club, Mike Matheny Host Chess FundraiserThe money will go to support local schools who are teaching chess to children.
Sinquefield Gifts to Hanaway Governor Bid at $900KSinquefield this week gave Hanaway another $10,000, the 10th straight week he's given her that amount.
Mo. Teacher Tenure Amendment FailsAmendment 3, aka Teach Great, was financed by Rex Sinquefield
Mailer Compares Neighbor's Voting Track RecordA voter report-card mailer meant to grade Missouri residents on how often they vote compared to their neighbors has some in the state claiming it's an invasion of privacy.
22-Year-Old Man Wins St. Louis Chess CompetitionFabiano Caruana won the Sinquefield Cup at the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis.
Sinquefield Addresses City-County MergerRex Sinquefield's group Better Together is studying a city-county tie-up.
Charlie Brennan - Tuesday, August 26 - Al Sharpton; Delia Ephron; Rex Sinquefield; Matthew Kulig; STL Blues Pres. Chris ZimmermanCharlie and Debbie talk about the Rev. Al Sharpton's eulogy yesterday at the funeral of Michael Brown; Charlie talks with Bestselling Author and Screenwriter Delia Ephron; with Rex Sinquefield about the 2014 Sinquefield Cup chess tournament in St. Louis; with Entrepreneur Matthew Kulig of Aisle 411; and with the new St. Louis President Chris Zimmerman about the upcoming hockey season.
Billionaire Sinquefield Donates to Candidate Rick Stream's CampaignIt's not just Charlie Dooley getting the big-money donations from billionaire Rex Sinquefield.
Sinquefield: 'Missouri Has an Idiot for a Governor'One of the most powerful men in Missouri politics has some strong words for the state's governor.
Charlie Brennan - Thursday, May 22nd - Rex Sinquefield; Dr. Marty Rochester; and Former LA Dodgers Pitcher Jerry ReussCharlie and Debbie talk with STL Chess Club President Rex Sinquefield; Charlie talks with UMSL's Dr. Martin Rochester; and with former LA Dodgers Pitcher Jerry Reuss.
Mark Reardon: Reardon Roundtable & Phil Keoghan Of "The Amazing Race"Phil Keoghan is the host of CBS' "The Amazing Race." Sunday is the All Star finale episode.

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