TIAM: Insurer Sues SchnucksThis is an interesting lawsuit.
TIAM: How Tough Is It To Sue For Slander?Suing for slander.
TIAM: Are Non-Competes Legal?Can your former boss keep you from taking a new job?
TIAM: Can Government Read Your Private Email?How private is your email anyway?
TIAM: Can Posting On Facebook Get You Fired?Watch what you post on social media is the moral of the story.
TIAM: Can You Sell Your MP3'S?We talked about the law this morning.
TIAM: NASCAR Says "Take That Video Down" & Slowing Down Your Internet ServiceThe internet keeps getting more complicated.
TIAM: Warrantless Wiretapping And Tracking StudentsJust how far can the government go?
TIAM: Are You Stealing On The Internet?Don't even think about taking that stuff for free.
TIAM: Part Of Megan's Law Struck Down, Facebook Face Plant, Dr. Joe On Heat Stroke & Circus Flora Is BackThere's a problem with Megan's law. Will Facebook's IPO woes create troubles for future stock rollouts? Avoiding heat stroke and Circus Flora opens tonight.
TIAM: Red Light Cameras Revisited, The Edward Jones Dome, The Price Of Art & Matt Roush Of TV GuideSmile! You're on a legal traffic camera. What to do with the Edward Jones Dome? How much for that painting in the window? Say goodbye to one of the CSI spinoffs.
TIAM: FIRST Robotics Is Back In Town, What Is "CISPA"? And Things You Should Never Buy At A Garage SaleThe robots are running in St. Louis. What "CISPA" means to you and items you should never buy at a garage sale.

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