The Mark Reardon Show - Monday, May 2nd
Mark Reardon Show - Wednesday, April 13thCarol Crudden, owner of the Boutique Ziezo in the Loop, tells us about the unruly teenagers parading through the U-City Loop, and we hear from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute Michael Barone, and head of Demographia Wendell Cox.
Total Information PM - Wednesday, April 6thMark is live from Washington D.C. and talks with Missouri Congressman Todd Akin, and we hear from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt with an update and the latest on a possible government shutdown.
Mark Reardon Show - Tuesday, March 29thFortune Magazine's Senior Editor at Large Shawn Tully tells us why it's a good idea to get back into real estate, and we hear from Missouri Senator Roy Blunts, Former Education Secretary Bill Bennett, and author Seth Leibsohn.
Total Information PM - Tuesday, March 8thKMOX Sports Director Tom Ackerman joins Mark live from Jupiter, Florida to give us the latest from Redbirds camp, and we hear from America's Scholarship Coach Ben Kaplan and Missouri Senator Roy Blunt.
Mark Reardon Show - Tuesday, February 22ndMark talks to Phil Brooks about Missouri Governor Jay Nixon's travel expenses, and we hear from Missouri Senator Roy Blunt, Yuvel Levin - a fellow at the Ehtics and Public Policy Center in Washington, and David Rose - an economist at UMSL.
Hancock and Kelley - Monday, February 14thJohn Hancock and Michael Kelley step in for Mark Reardon this afternoon to discuss just how effective red light cameras are. Missouri Senator Roy Blunt also joins to talk about the President's new budget plan.
Mark Reardon Show - Wednesday, February's Dave Cantanese tells us more about Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill private arguements against St. Louis hosting the DNC. Missouri State Senator Eric Schmitt tells us about his experience spending the night in the state capitol due to the winter storms.
Mark Reardon - Monday, January 17thMark talks about the Winter Warm Up, and speaks with State Senator Matt Murphy and Senator Roy Blunt.