Sports Open Line w/ Mike Kelly - 1/22/15 - Phil Savage, Vinnie Iyer, Russ Lande, Shae Peppler, Jeremy Crabtree
Sports Open Line: Drew Silva, Russ Lande, Rob Neyer, and Chris KerberDrew Silva, an MLB Writer for NBCSports's Rotoworld and Hardball Talk, joins Chris to talk about the winter meetings, the St. Louis Cardinals and more.
The Sports Hub: Monday, February 10th
The Sports Hub: Chris Kerber, Gary Parrish, Russ Landy
Sports Open Line: Zac Stacy, Russ Lande, Steve Carroll, & Rick CarpenterSports Open Line: Zac Stacy, Russ Lande, Steve Carroll, & Rick Carpenter
The Sports Hub: David Perron, TJ Oshie & Russ LandeThe Blues begin their run for the Stanley Cup on Tuesday night against the Los Angeles Kings. Should Rams fans be happy about how the Les Snead/Jeff Fisher regime did with the 2013 NFL Draft?
The Sports Hub: Russ LandeWho are the Rams looking to take with their first two picks on Thursday night in the first round of the 2013 NFL Draft?
The Sports Hub: Dan McLaughlin, Russ Lande, and Berglund Interview's Sobotka
The Sports Hub: Bob Ramsey, Bob Nightengale & Russ LandeHow bright is the future for the SLU men's basketball program? Mike Claiborne spoke with Bob Ramsey, the longtime voice of the Billikens.
The Sports Hub: Russ Lande, Derek Lilliquist, & Jim CrewsJim Crews joins the Hub to discuss the Billikens remarkable campaign and the upcoming tourney.
The Sports Hub: Dave Shoffner & Russ Lande
Sports Hub: Russ Lande, Jason Isringhausen and Bob Costas

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