Salmonella Outbreak Sickens Dozens After Massive Egg RecallAfter more than 200 million eggs were recalled by an egg farm in North Carolina, 35 people have now been diagnosed with salmonella linked to the contaminated food.
Belleville Chili Cook-Off Presses On For 34th YearChamber of Commerce Director Wendy Pfeil says they briefly considered ending the long-time tradition after a couple of cases of salmonella were reported last year.
Hunt's Recalls 'Chili Kits' for SalmonellaConagra says consumers should return the kits to the store where they bought them to get a refund.
12 Confirmed Salmonella Cases From Belleville Chili Cook-OffKMOX asked if its possible that the Salmonella outbreak did not originate at the event.
Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Belleville Chili Cook-OffHealth departments are investigating a salmonella outbreak tied to the October 8th event.
Good Earth Eggs Recalled Due to Salmonella ContaminationGood Earth Egg Company initiated a voluntary recall of their shell eggs because of Salmonella contamination.
Food Allergies: The Deadly Dish Part 4What consumers see on food labels and allergy statements is not always what they get.
Salmonella Detected at Missouri Egg Processing CompanyThe Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says salmonella was detected at the Good Earth Egg Company.
Cucumbers Recalled After Salmonella OutbreakThe cucumbers are a dark green variety that is often called "slicer" or "American." They're shipped in black, green, red or brown colored cartons.
Report: Foodborne Illnesses on the RiseJust over 19,000 people got sick last year from eating contaminated foods.
100 Salmonella Cases Due to Mexican-Style CheeseThe Illinois Department of Public Health issued a warning Thursday. Officials say the cases are across 13 counties and have been reported by local health departments since 2012.
Food Safety Expert Warns of Mail Order ChicksA hatchery in New Mexico which sells poultry by mail has been linked to the salmonella outbreak in 37 states. More than 300 people have been sickened, half of them children.

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