Soccer Analyst Taylor Twellman Guarantees Proposed Stadium is a 'Home Run'The St. Louis-raised, U.S. Soccer icon promises a possible MLS team in St. Louis would be among the upper echelon of all MLS franchises.
Salt Lake City NAACP Asks Mo. Governor to Halt ExecutionJoseph Paul Franklin is scheduled to be executed next week for the 1977 murder of a Missouri man outside a synagogue.
Attorney General Koster Asks Missouri Supreme Court to Set Execution DateJoseph Franklin confessed to killing a Jewish man, two black joggers, an interracial couple in Madison, Wis., and bombing a Tennessee synagogue.
St. Louisans Donate An Average of 4 Percent of Income to CharitySt. Louis County and City residents give 5.6 percent, followed by St. Clair County at 5.1 percent, and Madison County at 4.6 percent.
Opinion: What Is Mitt Romney Hiding?Romney isn't revealing what he did while he held the public's trust, both as head of the Olympics and as Governor of Massachusetts. With each passing week, Romney creates more questions about what he has done in the past and what he will do in the White House.
Opinion: The Second Coming Of WDown to the trademark "W", W. Mitt Romney is literally the second coming of the George W. Bush: the economic strategy that led to the worst American economy since the Great Depression and the Bush legacy of secrecy in the face of questions from the American public.

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