Scientists Conclude Comet Is Not Alien ObjectScientists are back with a report on the that mysterious cigar-shaped comet that entered our solar system in October
15,000 Scientists From All Over The World Issue 'Warning To Humanity'Over 15,000 scientists issued a warning about the growing impact of climate change and the possibility of an extinction-level event in the near future.
New Entry for Kermit Sutra, New Mating Position for FrogsResearchers spent 40 nights in a dense forest, finding male Bombay night frogs and filming the action.
Plans for Plant-Science District in Creve CoeurDenny Coleman, CEO of the St. Louis Economic Development Partnership, says the district would tie together all the individual elements in that area, like Monsanto, the Danforth Plant Science Center, the Helix Center and BRDG Park.
Kan. Scientist Attempting To Link Cancer, Protein Someday in the future scientists might save millions of lives by solving the riddle of metastasis.
Summer 2012: Not An Anomaly But The New NormalNumber of heat waves per summer have doubled since the 1940's.
SLU Researchers Study Meningitis Vaccine St. Louis University scientists are conducting a clinical trial of a vaccine for the last remaining strain of meningitis.

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