'White Only' Sign Auctioned by GoodwillThe sign has been removed from the site.
Was 'Mockingbird' a Defense of 'Separate But Equal?'"A lot of people read 'Mockingbird' as a defense of civil rights," said Professor Anders Walker, "but if you really read closely, Atticus Finch makes a strong case for segregation as a system that promoted harmony in his closing argument for Tom Robinson."
Fair St. Louis Responds to Claims of SegregationState Sen. Jamilah Nasheed says R&B bands were relegated to lesser stages in Forest Park.
Senator Accuses Fair St. Louis of SegregationJamilah Nasheed says Musiq Soulchild and En Vogue performed on smaller and remote stages.
Arlene Ackerman DiesSt. Louis native worked her way up to become superintendent of schools in San Francisco, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia.
Alton School Keeps Classes Segregated "We're still doing it; we've gotten good feedback, and the faculty all likes it," said Judy Kulp, assistant principal at St. Mary's.

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