Sen. Durbin Speaks on Border Wall, ImmigrationOn CNN'S "State of the Union" Sunday, Durbin said he believes the largest city in his state should remain focused on local law enforcement.
Senator Durbin: East STL Took a Step in the Wrong DirectionDurbin says East St. Louis residents need to tell their city council they're not happy and want real change.
Scott Air Force Base Makes Effort To Stay Open One of the region's major employers make efforts to stay open by providing sources of community support.
Drought Forces Debate on Ethanol Some have suggested that ethanol production be temporarily halted to ensure enough feed for livestock.
Sen. Dick Durbin Expects No New Gun Laws Because of MassacreDurbin asks “Why in the world does anybody need a military assault weapon? Why?
Sen. Durbin to House Republicans: Don't Waste Your Time House of Representatives prepares to take up another measure to repeal the Affordable Care Act
U.S. Sen. Durbin: "Mitt Romney Is The Obamacare Daddy"Senator Dick Durbin feels the contrast between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney is clear.
Senator Sees Goodell, Calls Off Bounty HearingThe meeting came about three months after Durbin first said he wanted Congress to examine whether federal law should make it a crime to have a bounty system.
Senator Durbin Slams the East St. Louis Mayor Again"There's a mayor there who completely ignores it, and keeps all night, nightclubs open just attracting violence and drugs and thugs."
Battle to Continue Over Transportation Funding “The House Republican transportation bill, which has failed three times to pass, would cut federal aid for highways to Illinois by 15 percent over the next five years.
Mayor says 'No" to Senator's Call to Close Bars EarlyMayor Alvin Parks responds to Senator Dick Durbin's remarks
Mayor Parks to Address Senator Durbin's ConcernsSen. Durbin has called for bars and nightclubs to close earlier.

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