Pew Study Examines Attitudes of World's MuslimsThe survey of 38,000 Muslims in 39 countries finds most believe their faith should shape not only their personal lives but society and politics as well.
Local Suspect Pleads Guilty to Aiding Terrorists in SomaliaFeds say suspect used coded language to coordinate money transfers to terror group.
Missouri's Anti-Sharia Bill Clears Its First HurdleThe bill's passage comes less than a week after more than 100 people flocked to the Missouri Capitol for a "Muslim Day" rally.
Update: Muslim Day Draws More Than 100 to Mo. Capitol Missouri is one of at least 13 states where anti-sharia legislation is under consideration or has already been made law.
Islamic Leaders call Bill Barring Sharia Law in Courts Islamophobia"It will just perpetuate this kind of negative talks about Islam,"

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