Property Values In St. Louis County Take A DiveMedian residential property value in St. Louis County down 7%.
A Legislative Message to Assessors"Thirty percent of the homes on the market right now are foreclosures. It's not fair people to have to be paying for something that the value is not there."
Part Two: Assessing the Reassessment SystemIs it worth it to fight your property assessment?
KMOX Series: Assessing the Reassessment SystemDid the County's value drop as much as the market?
Total Information AM - Wednesday, April 20thSt. Louis County Assessor Jake Zimmerman spent some time with us, we talked with David De Rothschild about why he made a boat out of 12,000 plastic bottles, and we talk to Trish Reagan who wrote <span style="text-decoration:underline;">Joint Ventures</span> which looks into the almost legal marijuana industry in our country.

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