St. Louis International Film Festival Drops Weinstein FilmHarvey Weinstein's sex scandal gets a movie screening cancelled at the St. Louis International Film Festival.
Hancock & Kelley - Friday, November 14 - Anticipation of Grand Jury Annct. on Michael Brown Case; John Payne; Jay KanzlerJohn and Michael talks about the anticipation of the Grand Jury decision on the Michael Brown case; they talk with John Payne of Show-Me Cannabis; and with Jay Kanzler, Director/Executive Producer of the film, "Marshall, The Miracle Dog".
Director Stone in St. Louis for 'JFK' Screening Filmmaker Oliver Stone will present a director's-cut version of his 1991 movie "JFK" as part of the St. Louis International Film Festival.
TIAM Weekend: Cliff Froehlich, Bill McDermott

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