State Farm Advice on Eclipse RentalsIf you're planning to rent out your space for eclipse, State Farm has some questions to consider.
Oh Deer: Missouri Drivers See Increase of Deer CollisionsCompared to last year, Missouri drivers are more likely to hit a deer. The last three months of the year are particularly bad.
Hail Damage Claims Rolling InInsurance company spokesman has tips for homeowners & car owners
Winter Weather Brings Holiday Fire HazardsAbout half the families in this country use alternate heating sources, but everyone may not know how to keep your home safe from malfunctions.
Holidays Could Make Your Home a Target for ThievesDecember and January are the prime season for thefts from homes.
Hot Gift May Not Be Covered By InsuranceIt's important to ask your insurance agent questions about your drone before Christmas morning.
State Farm Plans to Use Drones to Examine Insurance ClaimsFlying will be done by trained pilots, not the claims adjustors.
Study: With Teen Drivers, Perception is Rarely RealityFor example, 70 percent of parents studied said their teen follows the law which limits the number of passengers in their car. In reality, only 40 percent of teens say they actually do that.
William Shatner Acts With A Turkey FryerFrying a turkey can be dangerous.
What's Your Chances Of Hitting A Deer? The odds of hitting a deer maybe down across the United States, but if you live in Missouri experts say watch out.
Missouri No. 19 for Dog Bite ClaimsNot only does it hurt, it's costly.
State Farm Plans Mileage-Based Premiums Rates next year could be based on how far you drive.

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