Economists Say No Immediate Threat of a CrashThe Dow Jones Industrial Average continues to hit new heights, so how long can the good times last before some sort of correction kicks in?
Quarterly Earnings Beating Analysts ExpectationsCompanies are out-performing their projections, but they may be selling themselves short
Scottrade Sold To TD AmeritradeThe $4 billion deal expected to close by next October.
U.S. Stocks Surge After China Cuts Rates to Help EconomyThe move erased some of the stock market's heavy losses from a day earlier when concerns over a slowdown in China's economy rattled global markets and knocked down the Dow Jones industrial average more than 588 points.
U.S. Market Opens With 1,000-Point DropThe opening bell just rang in the U.S. market, and people are sweating it out over whether to hang in there, or sell before it goes lower.
Charlie Brennan - Monday, May 5th - Stock Market Strategist Al Goldman; Amelia Bond on Give STL DayCharlie with Stock Market Strategist Al Goldman; and with Amelia Bond of the Greater Saint Louis Community Foundation.
Dollars & Sense with Dave Simons
KMOX Money Show with Mike Brown
Charlie Brennan - Monday, July 15th - George Zimmerman Verdict; Downsizing State Gov't; Anniversary of Death of History's Tallest Person; Ruling Expected on Street Performers; and Market Analyst Al GoldmanCharlie and Debbie talk about the George Zimmerman verdict; Charlie talks about downsizing state gov't with Mo.Rep. Paul Curtman; with Don Huber, Alton, IL, Township Supervisor, about Robert Wadlow; with ACLU Atty Grant Dody about a ruling on STL City street performers; and with Market Analyst Al Goldman.
US Stocks Plunge Then Recover After Fake TweetAround noon Tuesday The Associated Press falsely claimed there were two explosions in the White House.

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