Study Finds Possibilities for Stroke TreatmentNew stroke guidelines significantly expand the number of people eligible for lifesaving treatment.
Physicals Key to Finding Heart Attack Risks, Doctor SaysA local cardiologist says there's a lot to be learned from getting an annual physical
Shingles Could Raise Risk of Heart Attack, StrokeNew research on the association between shingles and cardiovascular risk suggests shingles may raise your risk of heart attack and stroke.
New Stroke Treatment Could Reduce Damage Caused by Blood ClotsA new clinical trial shows that endovascular treatment to remove a stroke-causing blood clot in the brain is effective in some patients even when performed within six to 24 hours after a stroke.
Study Finds Stroke Rates in Young Adults IncreasingYoung adults are having strokes at an increasingly alarming rate.
National Trans Fats Ban Could Decrease Heart AttacksNext year, restaurant foods made with trans fats will be banned nationwide.
American Heart Association Issues New Guidelines for StrokesNearly 800,000 Americans suffer strokes each year, and 130,000 die as a result. This makes the condition the fifth most common cause of death in the United States.
Heat Advisory Issued, Heat Index to 105 DegreesReminder to protect yourself from heat exhaustion with high temperatures expected throughout the week.
Excessive Heat Warning Issued for Parts of Central U.S.Temperatures are expected to reach into the upper 90s in some areas Monday, with heat indices soaring to 116 degrees because of high humidity.
Snuggling Service Can't Wrap Its Arms Around MaplewoodBoth licensed therapists, the Rundquists say snuggling can help stroke patients, autistic children, and even people who are just lonely and need touch.
UPDATED: Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka Dead at 70Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka has died suddenly at the age of 70 after suffering a stroke.
Local Cardiologist Gives New Advice for Aspirin Users Taking one aspirin per day to prevent heart attacks may not be necessary for those who are lower at risk.

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