Study Finds Possibilities for Stroke TreatmentNew stroke guidelines significantly expand the number of people eligible for lifesaving treatment.
Wash U Study Looks to Identify Early Signs of Alzheimer'sWashington University researchers are looking for more participants in an ongoing Alzheimer's study.
Research Finally Ends Cats vs Dogs Intelligence DebateA scientific end to the debate over pet intelligence.
Wash U Study Reveals Alarming Crime StatisticsAlarming numbers in a Washington University study concerning gun violence in St. Louis.
New Report Reveals Trends in School PunishmentsThe ACLU of Missouri is set to release a statewide school discipline report today.
Study: Binge-Watching TV Shows Causes Poor Sleep Quality, InsomniaBinge-watching TV shows can lead to unhealthy sleep habits in young adults, according to a new study.
Study Finds Happiness Linked to Full Range of EmotionsA newly released study suggests experiencing a full range of emotions is one of the keys to happiness.
Study: Vegetarians Nearly Twice As Likely To Be Depressed As Meat-EatersVegetarians are almost twice as likely to suffer from depression as those who consume a conventional balanced diet, according to a new study.
Airlines, Passengers Will Benefit From Pilotless Flights, Study FindsAirlines could save billions by taking pilots out of the cockpit -- but would their customers feel safe flying without them?
Pets Do Not Benefit Kids' Health, Study FindsDogs and cats have no "significant" impact on children's mental and physical health, according to a new study by the Rand Corporation.
Ravens Are More Cunning Than Preschoolers, Study FindsRavens are capable of planning for future events and bartering, and will forgo immediate rewards to obtain a better reward in the future, according to a new study.
Study: Moderate, Heavy Drinkers More Likely To Reach Age 85 Without DementiaModerate to heavy alcohol drinkers are reportedly more likely to reach age 85 without developing dementia and similar cognitive issues when compared to non-drinkers.

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