Kinder Seeks to Move Past Exotic Dancer Flap at Governor's Ham BreakfastKinder shakes hands and tries to shake off scandal.
Kevin Killeen's Whole 'nother Story -- Peter Kinder's SilenceIs Kinder's brief, written statement enough to end the exotic dancer issue?
Kinder Sneaks through Hot Kitchen to Avoid the Heat on Exotic DancerKinder goes to great lengths to avoid reporters waiting for him at the front and side doors.
MO Gov's Race Gets Saucy -- Republican Blames Incumbent Democrat for Exotic Dancer StoryPeter Kinder sidesteps questions, while issuing a blanket denial.
UPDATE: Likely Candidate For Mo Governor Mum On Claims Of Former Penthouse PetTammy Chapman said Kinder would show up at the club every Monday night, bring her cookies and brownies and she would give him "private dances."

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