Missouri Budget Project: Budget Problems Due to 'Ongoing Revenue Problem'Says tax cuts, not expanding Medicare hurting state's revenue.
MU Curator: Stop Cutting TaxesSaying the very future of the university depends on it, the president of the University of Missouri's Board of Curators is urging the system's supporters to convince state lawmakers to stop cutting taxes.
Local Business Owners and Industry Experts Discuss Taxes with Department of Revenue Business owners and other industry experts complained to a Senate tax committee on the Nixon administration's changing tax rules without advanced notice.
Sinquefield: 'Missouri Has an Idiot for a Governor'One of the most powerful men in Missouri politics has some strong words for the state's governor.
Capitol Perspectives: Tax Cut TacticsThe history of the tax-cut fight between Gov. Nixon and the legislature raises questions of hidden tactics at play.
New Estimate Puts Missouri Tax Cut Bill at $620MThe new projection from legislative researchers is to be considered Monday by a Senate fiscal review committee. If the panel signs off, the full Senate then could vote to pass the legislation on to the House.
Missouri Senate Panel Taking Up Tax-Cut LegislationA Senate committee scheduled a public hearing Thursday on three different tax-cutting bills.
Advocates for Tax Cuts, Pot Use Testify in MissouriA Missouri House committee that has been taking public testimony on ways to make government smaller has heard a lot about tax cuts and marijuana.
Missouri Lawmakers Open 2013 with Plans for Tax CutsThe Missouri Legislature convened its 2013 session Wednesday with the largest contingent of Republican lawmakers since the Civil War era.
Opinion: Romney's 47% Don't Pay Taxes Remark Shows He's Exactly Who We Thought He WasThe recently released tape of Romney speaking to donors at a closed door fundraiser has exposed Mitt Romney to, in fact, be the person Democrats have portrayed him to be: a rich, out of touch, arrogant man that has no respect or connection to the American middle class and absolutely no interest in making the American middle class stronger.
Opinion: Obama’s Latest Class Warfare SpeechObama's latest speech on tax cuts for the middle class is just a retread of his tired class warfare rhetoric and strategy.
U.S. House approves tax cut extension

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