Ted Cruz Poses With Cubs Owner Tom Ricketts And They Look Like IdenticalPhoto evidence confirms that Ted Cruz and Tom Ricketts are doppelgangers. Here's proof, and here are some other unbelievable celebrity/politician look alikes.
Presidential Politics At Parkway West2nd Congressional District Republicans pick delegates for national convention
Trump Delegates Cry Foul At Missouri GOPDonald Trump supporters in Missouri are alleging dirty tricks by the state Republican Party.
Eagle Forum Infighting Blamed on Martin, Not TrumpPhyllis Schlafly's daughter says Ed Martin's management style is the issue.
Trump Endorsement Sparks Trouble for Phyllis SchlaflyFounder of Conservative Group under fire for giving Trump her blessing.
Missouri's GOP Delegates SplitDonald Trump gets 37 and Ted Cruz gets 15.
Clinton, Trump Squeak By in Missouri PrimariesAccording to the Missouri Secretary of State's unofficial results, Clinton won 49.6 percent (310,602 votes) to Sanders' 49.3 percent (309,071 votes), and Trump won 40.8 percent (382,093 votes) to Cruz's 40.6 percent (380,367 votes).
Clinton Sweeps Ohio, Florida; Trump, Kasich Split; Rubio OutHillary Clinton triumphed Tuesday in the Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Illinois presidential primaries, putting her in a commanding position to become the first woman in U.S. history to win a major-party nomination.
#BattlegroundTuesday Projected ResultsSee the latest projected primary election results here!
LISTEN: Ted Cruz on KMOXIt's mathematically impossible for Marco Rubio or John Kasich to capture the nomination at this point, Cruz says, so it's either himself or Trump.
Ted Cruz Continues Primary Push Monday, Several Stops in IllinoisCruz was in St. Louis on Saturday, where he told the audience he is the only Republican who has beat Donald Trump eight times.
Bernie Sanders is Coming to St. LouisThe latest presidential candidate to come to town will make two appearances.

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