Bill Would Impose Restrictions on Welfare Programs TANF, SNAPThe bill would reduce the lifetime limit a person can be on TANF from five years to two. Sen. David Sater said that would encourage TANF members to hold a job and be able to be independent from the government sooner.
University City Sen. Takes On Welfare MisuseThe bill sponsored by Chappelle-Nadal would not allow recipients to use public assistant to buy tobacco, alcohol, or go to games or strip clubs.
Missouri House Republicans Approve Balanced Budget "A lot of people in this chamber wish we had more money, but the fact of the matter is that we don't ... we have to deal with the now," House Budget Committee Chairman Rep. Ryan Silvey said.
Missouri To Drug Test Welfare RecipientsIn addition to the drug tests, the legislation also requires that photographs of welfare recipients be placed on their electronic benefit cards.

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