Quinn's Term Limits Ballot Measure Falls ShortIn June, the Democrat launched a petition drive for ballot measures pitching a two-term limit and creating a citywide consumer advocate position.
Rauner Hopes Obama Speech Will Foster CompromiseThe president's schedule to speak at a joint session of the legislature on February 10th - Rauner says it will be interesting to hear what Obama has to say.
Expert: Primaries Often More Important Than General ElectionsWith a week to go until the primary election, you can expect to be hearing and seeing a lot of ads in key races.
Judge: No to Term Limits, Redistricting MeasuresSignature-driven measures calling for term limits for Illinois legislators and a new political redistricting process may not appear on the November ballot.
Gov. Quinn Backs Term Limits for Constitutional OfficersGov. Pat Quinn says he supports a plan to let voters decide if they should limit the terms of state constitutional officers.
Term Limits For Illinois Lawmakers? New analysis finds 60% in General Assembly wouldn't be affected right away.
Opinion: Obama Makes The Case: One-Term Limit Needed For PresidentPresident Barack Obama epitomizes the need for a one-term limit for presidents of the United States.
Constitutional Amendment Could Bring Term Limits To Illinois The idea of term limits is one a recent poll of Illinoisans shows is still widely supported.
Capitol Perspectives: Term LimitsIf you had to pick one factor to explain the difficulties encountered during the 2012 session of Missouri's legislature, it would have to be term limits.
Missouri Senate Endorses Expansion of Term LimitsMissouri voters could get to decide whether to impose term limits on all executive officeholders under the proposed bill.
Times Up, But is it for Missouri PoliticansInitially they had decided on bumping term limits up to 12 years in each chamber but decided four more would be better.
Hancock & Kelley - Friday, December 16thJohn and Michael ask if Pres. Obama is the most liberal president in the history of our country; they also talk about term limits for elected officials, about limits to political contributions, about Christmas fruitcakes, about the history of the baseball bat, and about Father Dominic's, the PBS Baking Monk,appearance in STL this weekend.

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