Chesterfield Bans Texting While DrivingNo more texting while driving in Chesterfield - the city council unanimously passed an ordinance Monday night prohibiting all texting and driving in city limits.
St. Charles Council Passes Ban on Texting While DrivingTexting while driving is one step closer to being illegal in St. Charles.
Kirkwood Weighs Texting BanState law already bans texting while driving for those under 21 years old, but the city of Kirkwood is considering prohibiting all drivers from texting.
Study: Cell Phones Blamed for 23,602 Red Light Violations in St. LouisThe National Coalition for Safer Roads says 7.3 million red light violations, last year, were cause by cell phone usage.
Illinois Cities Push NoText-And-Drive PledgeCampaign called "It Can Wait"
Police: More Texters Than Drunks On The RoadTexting while driving has been illegal in Illinois since 2010, but it’s prevalent.
Charlie Brennan - Friday, August 17thCharlie talks with STL Police Chief Dan Isom and AT&T Mo. President John Sontag about texting while driving and the "It Can Wait" pledge campaign; with STL Att'y Beavis Schock about camera tickets for speeding; and with the YMCA's Caroline Mitchell about its 34th annual book fair from Aug. 17-Aug. 22.
Missouri Teen Found Guilty in Texting-While-Driving FatalityProsecutors said the teen was sending texts, looking at her phone and listening to loud music before her car slammed into another woman's vehicle.
Texting While Driving is a Killer "There's a study that shows texting while driving decreases your reaction time eight times worse than being legally drunk."
Ill Lawmakers Debate New Cell Phone RestrictionsState Rep. Jerry Costello says lawmakers are cracking down on phone use while driving because it’s a new technology that presents new problems.
Another Attempt at Banning Texting While Driving for All DriversOpponents of the bill say the bill creates privacy issues and is not enforceable.
Texting While Driving Blamed for Fiery Crash that Claims Four-Year OldInvestigators believe the boy died for lack of a proper car seat

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