Security Upgraded at Valley Park Schools After Online ThreatsDistrict officials don't think the threats were real, but they called in extra police protection yesterday.
Stenger to KMOX: They Cancelled Their Own Projects"Because the $31 million was removed from the budget, the projects they requested could no longer be done."
Missouri Man Indicted for Georgia Mosque ThreatsA federal grand jury has indicted a Missouri man with making threatening phone calls to a mosque in Georgia.
Police Supporters Retaliate After Pi Pizzeria Owner Calls Cops 'Dimwits'Chris Sommers, Owner of Pi Pizzeria was on the Charlie Brennan Show, Wednesday morning, and restated that he believes police officers' actions in St. Louis Friday night were "dimwitted."
Ann Wagner Says Protesters Have Crossed the LineMissouri Congresswoman Ann Wagner says she and her staff have been receiving death and other violent threats.
Man Accused of Threatening Jewish Centers Appears in CourtProsecutors said Thompson made threats against at least eight Jewish community centers, schools or other facilities to harass his girlfriend.
Local Tech Company Develops Facial Recognition Security SystemA company with an advanced facial recognition program right here in Saint Louis could change threats for businesses.
More Clown Threats Have Schools On AlertSeveral schools have been named in recent threats.
Missouri Senator Receives Death Threats on TwitterThe Tweeter was tracked to within two blocks of the US capital, just hours after the tweets.
Missouri Man Gets Probation for Online Threats to BlacksHunter Park pleaded guilty in April making a terroristic threat.
Man Pleads Guilty to Making Online Threats Toward MizzouSentencing is set for June 16.
Former University Student Pleads Guilty in Threat CaseThe threat was made as dissatisfaction at the larger University of Missouri campus in Columbia came to a head, leading to demonstrations and the resignation of two top administrators.

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