Tick-Borne Diseases Rising, Here's How To Prevent InfectionThe CDC says that if a tick is found attached to you early enough, there is still time to avoid infection.
'Tick Explosion' May Be Coming This Summer, Expert WarnsThe director of the University of Rhode Island's tick-borne disease center warns that the U.S. is moving into the prime season for disease-carrying insects
Missouri Park Employee Dies After Catching Tick IllnessRelatives of the Meramec State Park worker want people to know about the deadly Bourbon virus.
How to Deal with Summertime TicksAvoiding tick bites... It's a concern for those camping or finding other ways to enjoy the outdoors, this summer.
Powassan Virus: New, Deadly Tick Spread Disease Scaring DoctorsPowassan virus causes brain inflammation that leads to death in 10% of cases, and is carried by ticks.
Why is Lyme Disease So Hard to Diagnose?SLU Care infectious diseases specialist Dr. Donald Kennedy says there are many reasons to miss the cases.
Woman Faces Lifetime of Illness After Tick BiteDeAnna LeBlanc says she'll never be the same after her lyme disease went undiagnosed for seven years.
CDC Warns Missourians of Lone Star Tick, Heartland VirusHealth experts are again warning the public about a relatively new tick-borne disease that has now claimed two lives—one in Oklahoma, the other in Tennessee.
Oklahoma: Man Dies After Acquiring Heartland VirusAn Oklahoma man has died after acquiring the Heartland virus, making him the second person in the U.S. to die after coming down with the illness, state health officials said Tuesday.
5 New Cases of Heartland VirusPeople are getting sick from tick bites from the Lone Star tick, a small brown tick identified by a white mark in the middle of its back.
TIAM: Ticked Off, Andy Cohen & Michael FeinsteinWe get on the topic of ticks talked with Andy Cohen about his wild life and had a musical visit with singer Michael Feistein.
Follow Up: Diseased Tick Locations Released The ticks were found in the Central part of St. Louis County between the Manchester and Webster Groves area.

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