Total Information PM: John Rooney, Cheap Air Fares, & Jerry Sandusky's Prison SentenceWe talk with John Rooney about the NLDS and Tom Parsons about cheap air fares.
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Charlie Brennan - Friday, April 20thCharlie talks with U.S. Sen. Tom Coburn about his book, "The Debt Bomb"; with Ameren Pres. and CEO Warner Baxter about funding for nuclear reactors at Callaway Plant; with Bestselling Author Jonah Lehrer about his book, "Imagine: How Creativity Works"; with Mo. State Sen. Jane Cunningham about STL City students attending STL County schools; with Tom Parsons of about the American Airlines/U.S. Air merger; and with Bandleader Bob Kuban about the life of Broadcast Icon and "American Bandstand" Host Dick Clark.
Total Information PM: Rooney Report, Great Air Fare Deals
Around The World in 60 Minutes: Tuscany, Travel News, Henry Ford MuseumTo start off the show, Michael and Louie review all the travel news. How you like to spend your vacation traveling Tuscany, Italy, via vespa? Michael and Louie talk to Stanley Gallery with Italy By Vespa tour guides. The paths are beautiful, a great opportunity to see everything Italy has to offer. Just be safe on the roads. Tom Parsons from joins the show to share any must have travel deals. To close out the show, Patricia Mooradian from the Henry Ford Museum, joins the show to discuss what makes this museum stand out. Buckle up and travel the world in 60 minutes.
Around The World In 60 Minutes: African Safari, Travel Deals, Travel TipsIt's Around The World In 60 Minutes with your hosts Michael Dixon and Louie Thiele. On this edition, Michael and Louie update you on traveling news and customer booking penalties. Have you ever been on an African Safari? Bill Given is a Wildlife Biologist and Research Associate for the Denver Zoo , and he joins Around The World to talk about the joys of taking an African Safari. To close out the show, we hear Louie's List. Should you be using the internet when traveling? Listen in to find out!
Around the World in 60 Minutes: Haunted Places, Travel Deals, Louie ListMichael Dixon and Louie Thiele cover interesting stories in travel. Who isn't interested in visiting haunted places? The author of "The World's Most Haunted Places",Jeff Belanger, joins the show to talk about some creepy places you will want to check in to. Tom Parsons from, discusses all the new and cheap travel deals. To close out the show, it's the Louie List.
Around the World in 60 Minutes: European River Cruising and Tom Parsons
Total Information PM: Carol on Cine, Carol on Cash, Pentagon Cuts, Welcome Home Parade
Around The World In 60 Minutes:Michael Dixon and Louie Thiele take you around the world. Hear Louie's List, where he discusses situations involving frequent flyer miles. Thinking about a skiing trip? Well, you should be considering Vail, Colorado. Kristina Johnson, marketing manager for Vail Valley Partnership, talks to Michael and Louie about what Vail has to offer travelers for the holiday season. Also, Tom Parsons makes his usual appearence, giving listeners tips on how to save on flights this holiday season. How about a trip to Italy?! Karen Herps joins the show to discuss ways to take part in trips all over the world.
Around The World in 60 Minutes: Shore Excursions, Travel the world with Michael Dixon and Louie Thiele. Michael and Louie talk to Barry Karp, owner and Vice President of, about alternative solutions to booking shore excursions. Get your money's worth. Tom Parsons, from, joins the show to share details about all the money-saving travel opportunities. Have you ever heard of Ely, Nevada? If you haven't you will want to listen in, Ely has a lot to offer.