ACLU of Missouri Sues Health Dept. Over Lab ResultsLegal Director Tony Rothert says the agency won't release lab results because they're part of an ongoing investigation.
ACLU Questions Suspension of High School Trump SupporterDid the student have a Constitutional right to hold up a Trump sign in a pep assembly?
Larry Flynt Appeals Exclusion from Execution CaseAttorneys say ruling could impact all Americans.
Missouri Gay Marriage Case Moved to Federal CourtA federal judge will hear a lawsuit challenging Missouri's ban on gay marriage after state Attorney General Chris Koster intervened in the case and moved it out of state court.
Hearing Over Release of FBI Report on Ed Mueth Set for August 8The FBI's report into how Ed Mueth stole $3.5 million from the St. Louis County health department won't be made public until after the County Executive election, if it gets out at all.
Court Considers Joint Tax Filings from Gay CouplesOfficials don't know whether any same-sex couples have filed joint Missouri tax returns since Gov. Jay Nixon directed the Revenue Department last fall to permit it for those legally married in another state.
ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Missouri Prayer MeasureOn Wednesday, the American Civil Liberties Union filed suit over a section that says the religious rights of inmates are limited to federal law.
'Right to Pray' Amendment PassesThe measure on the statewide ballot said people have the right to pray in public or private so long as they do not disturb the peace, and it gives a specific imprimatur for prayer before government meetings.
Missouri Voters to Decide On Prayer MeasureThe measure on the statewide ballot says people have the right to pray in public or private, and it gives a specific imprimatur for prayer before government meetings.
Hancock & Kelley - Friday, June 1stJohn Hancock talks with Donna Eisenberg about a memorial fund for the family of 14-year-old Cameron Vennard; with ACLU's Tony Rothert and John Griesheimer, Presiding Commissioner for Franklin County, MO, about prayer in the Boardroom; with Col Tim Fitch about racial profilling on Mo.'s roads; with Cong. Lacy Clay about June 4th job fair; with Michael Symons and Prof. Alan Rosenthal about Gov. Chris Christie; and with Linda Killian about "The Swing Vote".
Drug Shortage May Force Missouri to End Death Penalty The sole U.S. company that produces one of the lethal drugs used in executions says it's discontinuing production.
Mark Reardon - Wednesday, January 19thMark talks with ACLU legal director Tony Rothert and The Heritage Foundation's Dr. Robert Moffit. Radley Balko tells us about a Virginia family finally getting some closure after a family member was killed by a SWAT team.

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