Study Shows Breast Cancer Treatment Could Increase Heart Disease Risk A local cardiologist says he's well aware of a new report from the American Heart Association warning about potential side effects of a growing number of breast cancer treatments.
Study Finds Possibilities for Stroke TreatmentNew stroke guidelines significantly expand the number of people eligible for lifesaving treatment.
New ALS Treatment Offer Hope by InfusionLocal ALS patients and their doctors welcome the first new drug to treat the disease in more than 20 years.
Seinfeld's Julia Louis-Dreyfus Announces Breast Cancer DiagnosisAnother Hollywood star announces she has breast cancer, renewing awareness of the disease.
SLU Researchers Receive Funding for TB TreatmentThe National Institutes of Health is funding Saint Louis University researchers to come up with a new and more effective treatment for drug resistant tuberculosis.
New Medical Device Could Greatly Benefit Long-Term PatientsSLU Hospital is the first in the region to implant a new type of medical device for patients suffering from a rare neuro-muscular disease.
Shorter Antibiotics Courses Plausible, Study SuggestsA local doctor shares his thoughts on an analysis piece that suggests we may not always need to take a full course of antibiotics
Hastert Faces Sex-Offender Treatment With Prison ReleaseHe now must undergo intensive court-ordered sex-offender treatment designed to ensure he never again poses a risk to children.
Doctors Use Immune System to Treat CancerA new type of gene therapy to treat leukemia and lymphoma awaits full FDA approval.
New Pain Treatment Could Slow Cancer DevelopmentLocal researchers find a way to deal with cancer-related bone pain.
Local Hospital Offers New Enlarged Prostate TreatmentA new less invasive way to shrink an enlarged prostate is now being offered at one local hospital.
Diabetes Drug Invokana Makes Promising ProgressA new drug shows promise in treating heart disease in diabetic patients.

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