USDA: Soybean, Corn Harvests Well Underway in IllinoisThe corn and soybean harvests are well underway in Illinois with federal agriculture officials saying farmers are making "rapid progress."
USDA: Many Factors Considered Amid Animal Disease OutbreaksMissouri was one of three states who had to kill mass quantities of birds due to bird flu earlier this year.
$372.5M In Federal Funds Awarded To Conservation ProjectsProjects designed to cut down on fertilizer runoff, expand bird nesting areas and restore native grasslands are among those selected for funding under a new initiative that encourages conservation partnerships between government and private organizations.
Missouri Corn and Soybean Production Up in 2013Figures from the U.S. Department of Agriculture show Missouri farmers produced an estimated 435 million bushels of corn last year, up 76 percent from 2012.
Government Might Deregulate Corn, Soybean SeedsFederal officials are proposing lifting restrictions on the use of some genetically modified seeds.
Federal Crackdown Could Help Regulate Mo. Puppy MillsThe new crackdown will force these breeders to apply for federal licenses. Up until now, in Missouri repeat puppy mill offenders have bypassed receiving the federal license.
Missouri Electric Coop Gets $20M Federal Loan
Missouri Remains Among Nation's Worst for Puppy MillsMany Missouri puppy mill owners are repeat offenders and some have dropped their U.S. Department of Agriculture licenses to avoid federal scrutiny and regulations.
USDA: Illinois Drops To No. 4 in Corn ProductionIowa still solidly led the pack with 1.87 billion bushels, followed by Minnesota's 1.37 billion and Nebraska's 1.29 billion.
Farm Bill And Fiscal Cliff Worry Area FoodbankSt. Louis Area Foodbank President and CEO Frank Finnegan says passing the farm bill is critical.
Cows Being Fed Cookies, Gummy Worms Due To DroughtCows are developing quite a sweet tooth thanks to an unprecedented drought that has rocked cattle ranchers in the Midwest.
Missouri Senate Candidate Questions Lunch ProgramTodd Akin, who now serves in the U.S. House, was asked Thursday about the program, which provides money and surplus food for school lunches.

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