Education Officials Laud Riverview Gardens for Jump in Accreditation Scores It was a night of congratulations for the Riverview Garden's School district as the state education department met with parents for an update on the district's progress.
Normandy Students Challenge Transfer LawA lawsuit seeking to allow more Normandy School District students to transfer out of the district gets its first hearing this morning.
Finances Improve for Struggling Normandy Schools State officials say the struggling St. Louis County school district should be able to make it financially.
University City Will Accept Normandy Transfer StudentsUniversity City school board members have changed their mind about rejecting transfers students from Normandy.
Normandy Parents Sue Over School Transfer ChangesA group of Normandy school district parents has filed suit over recent changes to student attendance rules that limit the number of pupils who can transfer to better-performing schools in other districts.
Ferguson-Florissant to Return Normandy TransfersThe announcement follows a decision by the State of Missouri to replace the unaccredited Normandy School District with the newly formed Normandy School Collaborative on July 1.
University City Rejects Normandy Transfer StudentsThe district's board voted Thursday to tell students who had already transferred from Normandy that they will not be allowed to return to University City in the fall.
Francis Howell No Longer Accepting Students From NormandyThe 400 students who transferred to the Francis Howell School District will no longer be able to attend school there.
Education Officials Limit Transfers from NormandyMissouri education officials have voted to limit student transfers out of the unaccredited St. Louis County district.
Nixon Will Veto Student Transfer LegislationMissouri Gov. Jay Nixon says he will veto legislation seeking to overhaul a law that requires unaccredited school districts to pay costs for students to transfer to better-performing nearby schools.
Education Officials: Normandy Not Authorized to Pay for LawsuitThis afternoon, the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education notified Normandy that expenses related to the lawsuit would not be approved.
Normandy School District Suing 2 State Departments, 20 School DistrictsThis week, the state decided to dissolve the district and replace it with a state-run organization.

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