Consultant Proposes Dismantling Failing Missouri School DistrictsCEE-Trust was tapped to come up with a plan last year as a new state law gave the State Board of Education greater powers to intervene in troubled school systems.
Lackluster Turnout at Missouri Education Dept. Meeting in NormandyMissouri Education Commissioner Chris Nicastro says she is "open to any and every idea."
Tuition Payments Squeezing Normandy's BudgetA spokes person for the district said for the partial month of August the total to be paid to other districts is $750,000.
Missouri Hires Private Education Reform Group To Aid Unaccredited SchoolsThe $385,000 contract with The Cities for Education Entrepreneurship Trust seeks recommendations by January that could later be implemented in the Kansas City School District and potentially also in Normandy, Riverview Gardens or any other districts that become unaccredited.

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