Pharrell Williams Advocates For Greener Jobs, Climate Change ActionPharrell Williams' push for measures that prevent climate change is picking up more momentum as he asks leaders to create greener jobs and save the planet in a recent video.
Attorney: Brown's Parents Call For 'Global Intervention In The Way Policing Currently Functions' In US"We came here to the U.N. to get justice for our son," the 18-year-old's father, Michael Brown Sr., told reporters after the panel concluded its first day of questioning — a two-hour session that did not include any specific comments about the Ferguson case.
Michael Brown's Parents: Shooting Violated UN's Anti-Torture ConventionThe couple will present a report from human rights lawyers declaring the actions taken by police at Ferguson as a form of torture.
New York City's Best Secret Places To VisitNew York has a number of fascinating secret places, some that even a New Yorker may not be aware of.
10 Things You Didn't Know About San FranciscoWhile many facts about the city by the bay may be obvious, there are many other facts that aren't as obvious. Here are 10 things you might not know about San Francisco.
Mo. Gov. Nixon Veto Sustained On UN AgreementSenators supported the override 24-6 on Wednesday. It fell short of the needed two-thirds majority in the House, where legislators supported the override 107-53.
Mo. Senate Votes To Override Nixon On UN AgreementMissouri senators have voted to override a veto of legislation barring state or local officials from adopting policies infringing upon private property rights and traceable to Agenda 21.
Charlie Brennan - Friday, September 6th - Syrian Opposition Fighters in Damascus, Syria, join Charlie; and Ameren's Richard Mark on Light the Night WalkCharlie talks with two opposition fighters in Syria, who say American force is needed in Syria; and with Ameren's Richard Mark on the upcoming Sept. 27th Light the Night Walk.
Local Clergy Abuse Survivor Testifies Before the United NationsDavid Clohessy, a clergy abuse survivor, claims the Vatican has violated a treaty pledge to protect the rights of children.
Missouri Bill Targets United Nations AgreementThe bill cleared the House 118-37 on Wednesday and passed the Senate earlier this year. It now goes to Gov. Jay Nixon.
Missouri House OKs Measure Targeting UN AgreementThe legislation bars Missouri state or local officials from adopting policies outlined in a 1992 United Nations document that could affect private property rights.
Missouri Panel Backs Anti-United Nations Bill A Missouri House committee has endorsed legislation barring state or local officials from adopting policies stemming from a United Nations document promoting "sustainable development."

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