Nintendo Is Re-Releasing The NES Classic In JuneNintendo is giving video game lovers another chance to buy the company's wildly popular retro gaming console: the NES Classic.
'Harambe Kong' Arcade Game Based On Gorilla's Death Stirs ControversyIf you touch a child as Harambe in the game, it's game over and a zookeeper appears on screen and shoots Harambe, which some have deemed offensive. 
Good Video Game Players Are More Intelligent, Study SaysResearchers in Great Britain say they discovered two multiplayer video games that are so similar to an IQ test that all the strategy and game play can measure a person's intelligence.
Fairmont Warns of Possible CutbacksFairmont race track is warning of cutbacks if lawmakers in Illinois don't allow video gaming at the track.
Video Games Can Improve Academic Success, Study FindsAccording to a new study, video games can improve communication skills, resourcefulness and adaptability.
Video Games Could Actually Help Kids with ADHDA new study reveals video games may be be able to improve attention skills in children with sensory disorders.
Antique Stores Seeing More 20-Somethings"I would rather go to an antique store instead of a furniture store like IKEA because I can find more unique pieces with character and personality.''
Police: Man Attacks Brother With Ax Over Video Game19-year-old Luke Marshall attacked his brother with a double-bladed medieval ax, say police.
Top 5 Underrated Video Game AthletesGreat athletes are great in video games too. Here are the top 5 most underrated.
CBS Sports: SEC, Big Ten & Pac-12 Won't License Trademarks to EA Sports
Vote For Your Favorite Video GameWhether it's Pac-Man or Super Mario Brothers or perhaps even Myst the Smithsonian Art Museum putting together a display on the art of video games.

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