Study: War on Drugs Does More Harm than GoodA new study claims the prohibition of drugs has fueled a worldwide black market worth $300 billion—an economic force that can't be stopped.
U.S. Attorney Callahan Supports Lesser Drug Penalties"The prison population has grown exponentially over the last ten to fifteen years," he said. "The War on Drugs is 35 years old and trying to measure the progress of it, there isn't much to measure."
Missouri Bill Would Protect "Good Samaritans" In Heroin OverdosesSt. Louis resident Kelly O'Connell says her son died because whomever was with him was too afraid to call police when her son overdosed.
Heroin Pusher Gets 8 Years Scott Weldon pleaded guilty in May to a charge of distributing heroin resulting in the death of David Roth.

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