EPA Issues Decision on West Lake Landfill, Calls For 'Excavation Plus'The five-year project is anticipated to include an engineered cover system for long-term protection.
Residents Wait to Hear the Fate of West Lake LandfillBack in December, the EPA promised Congress it would make an announcement sometime in January.
EPA Announcement Expected 'Any day' on Westlake Landfill Hoping for good news, local residents living near the West Lake Landfill are awaiting an announcement
Top 10 List of EPA's Worst Superfund Sites Includes West Lake LandfillThe EPA's website says being on the list doesn't mean more money will be spent on those sites, but it does target them for what it calls "immediate and intense action."
EPA Closer to Making West Lake DecisionThe EPA is getting closer to making a decision on what to do about the radioactive West Lake Landfill.
Republic Services Seeks Injunction to Prevent Protests Blocking LandfillThe case stems from March of this year, when protesters with the Earth Defense Coalition chained themselves to barricades at the entrances to the Bridgeton Landfill - adjacent to the West Lake Landfill.
Alpha Particles Found in West Lake Storm WaterThe EPA and Missouri DNR say testing conducted on storm water runoff near the radioactive West Lake Landfill in late April showed slightly elevated levels of Alpha particles
Mom's Group Calls for Radiation Tests at Fishing PondMissouri Department of Natural Resources found radioactive rainwater not far from pond.
DNR Finds Radiation in Stormwater Outside West Lake LandfillThe tests found alpha particles higher than what's allowed under federal health guidelines for drinking water.
Documentary Debuts on West Lake LandfillThe West Lake Landfill Moms group heads to D.C. this weekend for the debut of a documentary on the burning landfill, and a meeting with the EPA on Monday.
Supporters Hope Plan Will Lead to West Lake CleanupA similar bill passed the Senate in 2016, but stalled in a House committee.
Attorney Says 5 Bridgeton Homes RadioactiveAttorney Winston Calvert says radiation levels are above background levels.

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